Fumi B. Well

I have been on the path towards wholistic wellness and vitality for most of my life. As I look around my community, I see a lot of people who I know would feel and be a lot better, if they only knew how to begin. To get to wellness and vitality, we need to use all possible means to get there. This is through the basics, nutrition and preparing food, a non-toxic environment, exercise, enough sleep, community, love, peace and purpose.

Although most of my knowledge comes from relentless reading, researching and my personal regiments, I did go to school. I graduated from CSUDH with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biochemistry. I furthermore, attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrion to be a Health and Wellness Coach. I am in the middle of writing an health and wellness textbook specifically for African Americans. Let’s just say I see a need for it and have taken up the task. I have been lecturing on health topics particular to African Americans and inner city populations in general. We all deserve to be healthy and and happy, but most of us won’t get there if we don’t first find out what we need to do then put in the work. There is no reason in the world that a majority of black women should be unhealthy weights or that many of us become depended on pharmaceuticals in our forties and remain on them until we die.

http://www.bravenewwell.com will give you some inspiration to help you thrive in the inner city.


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